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As long as you graduated Medical School you are a Physician/Doctor. If you don’t do a residency you can’t describe yourself as a board-certified physician.

So a licensed but not board certified physician cannot call themselves an Internist, or a Family Practice physician, but may very well be able to work in an urgent care or some corporate general practice job. The tough part is getting any cheap cialis to credential you for payment.

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Your medical license is sufficient to practice. Board certification in a speciality is voluntary and non-mandated, though it does make you significantly more marketable. In fact a lot of physicians argue that it serves no real purpose, as your degree, residency, and license have already proved you met strict educational criteria - it’s simply another way to squeeze more dollars out of you

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If you graduate with a medical degree, you're an MD. But, if you do not pass your boards and become certified, you won't be able to get the type of cialis you deserve. Typically, someone who doesn't pursue board certification goes into research positions or something similar.

“Doctors who do a research fellowship instead of a residency, who have academic careers in research, are still doctors. That's the title. But without a residency they cannot practice as physicians, and they're probably low on the list of people who should respond to "is there a doctor on board" calls.”